Polska II

I can’t believe how much she grew.
Paulina I, Paulina II, Paulina III (all 2005)

That’s his drunk grumpy face.
With that we got drunk. Oh, and everybody was sick too.
Milk! But fresh, only a day old.
Sister in the Morning.

The Don Corleone of the Family. („I’m making him an offer he can’t refuse“)
He looks worse in black&white, doesn’t he?
Her reaction on my „don’t  squint your eyes like that“
The Village cemetery.
There are many children’s graves. I want to check them out once I’ll have a longer stay there.
I called him Grandpa, even though he wasn’t to me.
That’s my grandpa! He died when I was 14. On my mother’s birthday
Here we are standing at my fathers grave. He died in 2011. We both had the same birthday. The 4th of July.
Color-Guy checkin‘ for colors.
We took a look at this house, which is currently to be sold.
Yeah, you get stuff like that in the smallest village in poland, but not in austria.
Yeah, he was hungry.
A traditional meal, which I tasted for the first time. It was very very good.
I love her look in that one.
Daddy love!
My nephew, Kacper
(Kacper 2005)
The Don.
These pictures crack me so up.

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